Spotlight: Miles End Motors

We are thrilled to announce that Miles End Motors will be joining us on November 8th for our 11th Annual Crème de la Crème Grand Wedding Showcase! Miles End Motors offers a boutique experience in luxury cars.

David Bentil started Miles End Motors 6 years ago after much experience in the business. He quickly realized that the key to success is taking care of your clients - not customers. "I genuinely love cars and have never looked at this as a 9 to 5. My love for cars extends from old to new and daily drivers to the absolutely absurd.” This is his passion, and he truly believes that someone should love the piece they are about to drive. They have since grown the company to multi million sales per annum along with an amazing client base who are taken care of by David and his few hand-crafted staff members. His clients can contact him and the car they need will shortly be theirs.

David doesn’t just sell cars – he curates them for his clients, and everyone who walks into his showroom will receive the same premium experience. He gets to know his clients – their style, passions and needs to perfectly fit a car to their lifestyle. Each client is given the attention they deserve, and no detail is left untouched.

Working with David is a lifelong relationship. From your dream Porsche to your family Land Rover, he is with you throughout all of life's journeys. David believes in working with his clients long term. As your life requirements change, David will be there to tailor the perfect vehicle that suits your needs. Whether you are newly engaged, just married or celebrating a milestone anniversary, Miles End Motors offers car sales, leasing and in-house financing so that everyone can drive their dream car.

Life is about the journey, not the destination - Miles End Motors is there to provide you with the perfect vehicle for every milestone in your life as a perfect fit to your lifestyle.

Photographer: Aaron Aubrey @, Producer & Stylist: Crystal Carson @stylistmindset, Makeup: Sara Rose for Brush Salon @brushsalonyvr, Hair: John Thibeault for Brush Salon, Models: Alex Khalil & Lisa Khalil @lisaster, Menwear Provided by: Boys Co. @boysco, Womenswear: Mine & Yours Co. @mineandyoursco. Miles End Vehicles featured: Intermeccanica 1959 Speedster 6 & Mercedes Benz G63 AMG

See you on November 8th! For tickets, please visit : Crème de la Crème xo Team CountDown

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