Love as Inspiration for Planning Weddings

One of the most popular questions that my clients ask is “what was your wedding like?” That is perhaps the makings of another post but recently in search of some of my wedding photos, I instead found a few of my parents wedding photos. Looking at the images I came to the realization (and had to share) how much their wedding and their love has influenced my work and ultimately my life.

To say my parents were passionately in love when they decided to get married would be a huge understatement. Their love infused every minute of my childhood…and apparently their wedding has and continues to inspire my work. They were a young couple and since Mom was still attending university in another city, they drove through the night to get to the wedding (a small shot of my Dad’s sports car dressed with flowers and mud gives it away!).

Like many of my clients they wanted a simple wedding but after consulting their families ended up with a lavish affair, from my Mom’s gown being flown in from Paris to twelve servers with flaming torches escorting their wedding cake. Their elaborate wedding included an impressive 600 person guest list that filled up a large Hilton Hotel, they tell me that they loved it nevertheless. Reminiscing about their wedding always involved them reminding me that the ceremony and their love was really all that mattered to them and the rest was really for their guests. Reflecting on that and looking at the photos; I must admit that my primary inspiration originates from their union.

So while I am planning weddings, no matter how amazingly intricate, I stay mindful of the reason for this celebration is LOVE.

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